Bahamas: Private Island Residences

Bahamas: Private Island Residences

Club Ki'ama BahamasThe world’s first private island community to offer ultra-sustainable solar residences and carbon neutral solar yachts – the new Ki’ama Bahamas enclave represents a one-of-a-kind co-ownership opportunity that combines luxurious, solar-powered, waterfront homes with a fleet of solar-powered, crewed yachts, as well as electric day boats, a beach club, spa, and restaurant.

Club Ki’ama represents the future for sustainable residential and resort development,” says Steve Dering, EcoIsland Development partner and global pioneer of co-owned luxury residence clubs. “Our equity club provides abundant and flexible owner use while consuming less land with fewer homes, and adds an incredible yacht experience. We’re hopeful our first-of-its-kind community will set the standard for eco-conscious development around the world.  Club owners will never get a utility bill for their homes nor have a fuel charge for their yacht cruises. These are significant savings in addition to pleasing Mother Nature.

This exclusive community offers a very limited number of wholly owned vacation homes in addition to the Club residences. The Club residences incorporate dramatic, linear designs that complement the natural topography of the island. They feature 10 to 12-foot ceilings for enhanced ventilation and light, “living roof” landscape systems, solar panels, and structural timber frames. The pre-engineered building system allows for the bulk of construction to take place off-island, minimizing disruption to the natural landscape and reducing construction delays and costs.

Club Ki’ama comprises 16 four-bedroom residences and eight solar-powered yachts. The introductory ownership price is $545,000. Owners enjoy a minimum of five weeks of vacation annually, including 10 yacht days, and have additional use, subject to availability. Club Ki’ama ownership also grants immediate access to the prestigious Elite Alliance Exchange program with more than 120 coveted international destinations. The eco-conscious, private island sanctuary will feature the waterfront Ki’ama Beach Club with restaurant, bar, pools, fitness room, and game room, as well as a private marina, spa pavilion and six private, white sand beaches. This is truly a very special opportunity.

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