St. Kitts: Ariel Heights, Frigate Bay

St. Kitts: Ariel Heights, Frigate Bay

Introducing “Ariel Heights”, a luxurious residence nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of St. Kitts. Priced at US$1,200,000, this majestic home boasts an impressive 3,000 square feet of sumptuous living space, meticulously crafted on a generous 12,000 square feet plot.

Comprising four spacious bedrooms and four well-appointed bathrooms, Ariel Heights promises comfort and grandeur in equal measure. The inclusion of an exclusive two-bedroom unit further amplifies its allure, catering to guests or potential rental opportunities.

At the heart of this stunning property is a large infinity pool, perfectly positioned to offer residents breathtaking views that stretch across the Basseterre Valley, towards the rich, emerald green mountain ranges that define St. Kitts’ skyline. This million-dollar panorama is best enjoyed from the home’s wrap-around gallery, designed to harness the refreshing Caribbean breeze and offer moments of serene reflection or vibrant entertainment.

The architectural details are a testimony to island elegance and modern design. Large wooden and glass panel double doors punctuate the property, inviting the cool island air and cascading natural light into every room, creating a harmonious blend of indoor-outdoor living.

Strategically located, Ariel Heights is a mere 10-minute drive from key amenities. Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining by the beach, need to make a grocery run, or wish to indulge in the local attractions, everything is within easy reach.

Ariel Heights isn’t just a residence; it’s an experience, a lifestyle. A place where every dawn brings unparalleled views, and every dusk is a canvas of nature’s best hues. For those who seek the perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty, Ariel Heights is your dream realized.

Secure this piece of St. Kitts paradise and elevate your living experience today.


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